Slatter SmartPitch – the software

SmartPitch software and processing unit configures and delivers intelligent profiling of your sports pitch activity.
The user-friendly system dashboard presents a wide range of activity measurement and intelligence.

Player tracking and participation.

  • Verifies the number of players using the facility at all times.
  • Records peak time and off-peak times of use.
  • Identifies areas of under or over use.
  • Confirms the configuration of play – 5 a side, 7 a side and so on.
  • Details the number of bookings secured and the comparison with days/weeks/months and other sites/facilities.
  • Records the percentage occupation at all times.
  • Alerts an opportunity to rotate areas in order to evenly distribute the wear of the playing surface.
  • Alerts the need to carry out additional maintenance in high usage areas.

Intelligent Maintenance

  • Live alerts notify maintenance requirements linked to participation levels and hours of usage, and when specialist maintenance services are needed.
  • Records all maintenance activities: number of minutes and areas completed and notifies when planned maintenance has not been carried out.
  • Reduces costs by helping to focus maintenance where it is actually required.

More details under ‘Hardware’.

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