Slatter SmartPitch – the hardware

SmartPitch custom sensors use sensor technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to intelligently track and monitor live usage and maintenance of your sports pitch.

  • Each sensor is a self-contained, high-impact, weather resistant and maintenance free unit.
  • Completely wireless operation with the software and processing unit via a 3G/4G signal.
  • Configured and updated remotely throughout the life of the system by our software engineers.
  • Only a low voltage power supply is required.
  • Only two small sensor units are needed to cover a full-size pitch.
  • Installation in under a day – for a full-size pitch – onto a new or existing floodlighting mast by our specialist technicians
  • SmartPitch sensors have a standard warranty/guarantee and are supported by a 24-hour emergency support service.

More details under ‘Software’.

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