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Make your sport smarter with intelligent pitch technology from S&C Slatter.

Slatter SmartPitch – the system
SmartPitch electronically tracks, collects and maps usage and participation, creating an activity database for your facility. This informs and empowers intelligent management and maintenance programmes which will enhance pitch performance and life expectancy, maximising returns generated from your asset.

Tracks participation & usage
Live capture of participation enables you to Identify trends in anticipated (booked) v actual usage, uptake by time period and overall usage levels.

You can plot actual revenue generated versus actual participation levels. The comparison helps to identify any disparity between the two which could be resulting in lost or underdeveloped income.

Optimises whole life performance and extends practical surface life
With real time tracking of usage and capture of accurate heat-mapped data and an inbuilt alert system, you can remove the guesswork out of pitch management and focus maintenance programme where it’s needed and will have the most impact. This intelligent strategy will improve whole life performance levels and extend the expected practical life of the facility.

Issues alerts when movement detect outside opening hours
Helps protect your asset from intruders, unauthorised use or vandalism.

Simple installation and operation
Typically installed by our technicians in less than a day. Easy on-line access to your own live electronic data dashboard.

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